Must try harder…

Aww, it was all going so well. At least a post a month. For three whole months! Three! That’s loads! And now, nearly a quarter of a year has passed since I last squirted words into your face. Terribly sorry about that. I know you love the squirting.

So, what have I been up to? Well, more of the same really, which is partly why I haven’t really felt compelled to write anything. The summer (I assume that was it? Yeah? OK, thanks, British weather) was filled with many, many normal days of working, going to gigs, going to derby, and going to weddings. Ah, the weddings. What is wrong with you people? Everyone and their fiancée seems to be tying the knot this year. I’m starting to think that either I missed a memo, or the government are starting to put something in the water.

Anyhoo, this is intended to be a sort of keepalive I guess; assurance that I’m not dead (though I do seem to have picked up the sniffles from everyone else in the office – cheers guys), and a vague promise/hope that I should come up with something interesting to write about soon. (If not, then I guess you can assume that with this post, the blog faded away rather than burnt out.)

Oh, and the fearless fuchsia figurine? Sadly, I’ve still not had time to investigate his disappearance (I’ve been way too busy with this). I’m sure he’s OK though. Four months is only a few seconds in sponge time. Or something.

Peace out.