Showers and tigers? The plot thickens…

More disturbing news on Squidgygate; as I expected, a note was waiting for me when I got into work this morning:

Being mostly sponge, I imagine Squidgy could withstand more than his fair share of water torture, but I’m sure even he would have limits. The photo was clearly taken in the changing room showers. Who knows what horrors he witnessed in there? This was next to useless for my investigation; nothing to pin the photo on a particular time or person.

Shortly after lunchtime, a second note appeared in the internal mail:

This one was more confusing – The creature looks friendly, so I took a little solace in the fact that Squidgy didn’t appear to be in immediate danger. But what to make of the comment? The language suggests that he’s begun fraternising with his kidnapper. Maybe Stockholm syndrome was beginning to set in? Then again, maybe Charlie Sheen is behind the whole thing…

I hope that the kidnapper may have slipped up with this one – surely there can’t be that many tigers in the office? (Or floppy disks for that matter, this is 2011 for God’s sake.) I think the most sensible course of action is to go tiger hunting. Now where’s my pith helmet?


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